Lizary Rodriguez Rios


Chamber performer and soloist, Lizary Rodríguez Ríos attended the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico and studied with noted Puerto Rican harpist, Maria Vidal. She earned both masters and doctoral degrees from the University of Arizona, where she studied with world renowned harpist, Dr. Carrol McLaughlin. She also subsequently finished two postgraduate degrees from Madrid’s Royal Conservatory of Music, studying under the tutelage of celebrated harpist, Dr. Maria Rosa Calvo-Manzano.

Dr. Rodríguez Ríos has performed internationally at numerous venues and festivals, including the prestigious Casals Festival in Puerto Rico. In addition to her career as a soloist, she has toured with the Grammy-nominated international harp ensemble, Harp Fusion, performing in the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Spain, and Russia. She has recorded three albums with the group, featuring her as harpist and arranger. Among many exceptional honors, Rodríguez Ríos was the first harpist to receive the Centennial Achievement Award in the history of the University of Arizona.

Dr. Rodríguez Ríos has won prizes in competitions, such as the President’s Concerto Competition at the University of Arizona, the International Tournament of Musicians (TIM) in France, the Cita di Padova International Music Performance Competition in Italy, and the Notes at 9,000’s Emerging Artist Series Competition in Colorado.

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Lizary Rodriguez Rios

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