Joe Sparks

Joe Sparkes


Joe Sparkes has been surrounded by music since he was a small child. In school, he played piano and oboe and enjoyed playing classical music in bands and orchestras, as well as competing at the state level. During the twelfth grade, he picked up the saxophone, started playing in a jazz band, and fell in love with the freedom of improvisation. He continued playing in bands throughout college, which helped him further develop as an instrumentalist and a musician. It didn’t take long before people took notice and began hiring him to play different types of gigs at restaurants, private events, sporting events and more.

Joe plays his saxophone over backing tracks of popular songs that everyone knows and loves. He considers himself a “vocal-style instrumentalist” because he generally plays the melody of each song, which is what would otherwise be sung. In addition to vocal melodies, Joe also provides melodic improvisation, which brings a lot of texture and emotion to his music. He is available for studio sessions, weddings, clubs, bars, restaurants, private parties and more.

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