Hal Holiday and the Tones


In addition to being one of the fastest growing cover bands in the Merrimack Valley, Hal Holiday and the Tones are also infamously known as Massachusetts’ “had to call out of work the next day” band. Some claim every show is a prelude to a holiday! Here’s a band that never takes itself seriously, but still manages to serve up an electrifying show that includes special guests, Shakespearian love dilemmas, and even wardrobe changes.

Don’t let the arsenal of cover songs fool you! These veteran musicians are also all about the B-sides and deep cuts. The band’s shows include songs you love, but may not have heard in years. You know the type. You can’t remember who did them first, but you can still sing every lyric! That’s what you get with Hal. So, if you’re ready for a great time, get into the groove and join the party!

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Hal Holiday and the Tones

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