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DJ Josh has been creating unique musical experiences for almost 20 years. He’s performed at almost every type of event imaginable and truly believes that music is so much more than a pre-programmed playlist. He knows that if a DJ cannot properly read their audience, they’ll never be able to create that one-of-a-kind experience that pulls people out of their seats and onto the dance floor. In love with his craft, Josh still spends his time learning everything he can about mixing, blending, and the latest technology. However, what makes him so special is that he’s also a student of music theory, which allows him to seamlessly blend songs in complementary keys. (This means no clashing notes!) 

Another unique quality is that Josh has developed a love for the distinctive sound and tactile experience of vinyl. For him, there’s just something about the ability to manipulate it in ways that aren’t possible with digital technology. Josh cares deeply about what he does. Funk, rock, house, hip hop, world, you name it! He loves how music speaks to people and he knows this is what DJing is all about!

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DJ Josh

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