DJ Erikson


DJ Erikson has a degree in Audio Production and Live Sound, but his DJ career started long before he went to school. When he was just 16 years old, Erikson was already a resident DJ at The Blarney Stones, where he spent every Friday and Saturday night. While there, he took the opportunity to educate himself in different mixing styles, while also learning to read a crowd. These days, DJ Erikson is a professional open format DJ, which means he can mix and play any genre requested. Some of his favorites include hip-hop, EDM, and top 40.

DJ Erikson loves to get out of his comfort zone while experimenting with different types of music.  He’s been able to do so, as he was offered numerous opportunities to DJ at different bars, clubs, and colleges in the Boston area and beyond. He was also honored to DJ at the Playhouse in Los Angeles, Cuba Libre in New Jersey, and The Chateau Nightclub In Las Vegas.

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DJ Erikson

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